Bosques del Mar is an investment project that prioritizes urban environmental conservation and scenic beauty, located in the vicinity of Marsella's Bay, 4 kilometers north of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Our Project is developed on 35 acres and offers design and construction of houses in different styles and construction sites. We also offer lots with average size of 550 mts².

We promote a property investment model (houses or lots) in a privacy and security environment, easy access and friendly construction materials to the environment. A new access form to the sea, sheltered by the trees shades and the singing birds.

Our offer includes:

  • Private access to the beach (Marsella's bay).
  • Pleasant climate cushioned by extensive green areas with natural forest and reforested areas with native species.
  • Healthy environment, based on practices of wastewater management, forest protection and soil.
  • Security and peace, guaranteed by our body surveillance and privacy of the project.
  • Scenic beauty, which is located in Marsella's bay, characterized by calm and warm waters, white sand and surrounded by tropical dry forest environment.
  • Diversity of options, because of its proximity to Playa Madera, the most important surfing beach in Nicaragua, fishing, nature trails, easy access to turtle nesting sites, boardwalks, beverages and Nicaraguans food.
  • Low cost due to the use of local building materials.